The latest release version of Pathagoras is:

v.2023 Build 10
Release Date: 1/10/23

You should upgrade Pathagoras if the version showing on the upgrade page of your program is lower or release date older.

To upgrade to the latest version, first click here to check the status of your subscription or your Annual Support Agreement.

You will need your Serial Number to check this status.

If you do not have your Serial Number, you can obtain it (while in Word) from Pathagoras Features | Utilities & Settings |System Info & Tools. Click the 'Serial Number' button. Your serial number will display AND be placed into your clipboard so you can just paste it into the box.

Or write to us at and we will send your serial number to you. (Be sure to include the name of the firm or company in case the account is not indexed under your name or email.)

NOTE: It is possible that you have a version installed on your computer that is later than the release version shown above. That is because we continuously upgrade the program, and post the upgrades, but do not announce a public release with each minor improvement. You can enjoy the version you have installed or download the absolute latest posted version.)