'And/Or', 'A/K/A' and other slashed terms

   Pathagoras relies heavily upon slashes as separators for Options and for multiple-choice variables. But what if you really want a slash to be seen as a slash and not a separator?

What if you want 'a/k/a' or 'and/or' to be seen by the program as intact 'words,' not multiple-choices? (We call these characters 'natural slashes'.)

When you are painting your Pathagoras markers, you don't want the slashes in designated terms to be painted?

The 'Negative Optional' function allows you to set out a block of text to the 'right' of a slash that will be used if you answer 'No' or 'False' to a preceding Optional block prompt asking 'Do you want to keep this text?'. But what if you know ahead of time that you don't want certain phrases that use slashes to trigger the negative optional choice?

Solution 1:

     Put the specific choice in quotes (the quotes will be stripped from the final copy). For example:

["1/4"/"1/2"/"3/4"/1 inch]

["Renovation and/or repair."/"New construction."]


     Use the 'slash OR' ('/OR') separator (upper case OR mandatory). E.g.;

[1/4/OR1/2/OR3/4/OR1 inch]

[Renovation and/or repair./ORNew construction.]

Solution 2:

   Pathagoras also maintains what we call the 'A/K/A List' to more easily effect the above challenges. At installation, the list contains the terms: 'a/k/a' , 'f/k/a', 'and/or' and '/100'other snippets, you can augment the 'A/K/A' list to include other text elements that you want 'unpainted.' To do so:

1. Click the Utilities/Settings screen and then select the 'All Settings' button at the top of that screen.

2. Click the Miscellaneous Settings tab.

3. Click the 'A/K/A' button to display the current list of 'ignore' snippets. These snippets will be displayed in a Notepad (plain text) file for easy editing.

4. Add your snippet, following the pattern of the existing entries. Then save and close the text document (do not change its name) and you are all set.

Click to enlarge.

5. As of version 2018, "aka" has been added to the Pathagoras' Alt-G Calls list. You can display your A/K/A list by typing 'aka' onto your editing screen followed immediately by the key combination <ALT-G>.


informationPathagoras provides another approach to making sure that a slash is seen as a slash, not a divider. The '/OR' divider. If your multiple-choice variables or your Options text blocks contain 'natural' slash terms (think those 'and/or' and 'a/k/a' terms), use '/OR' (no quotes, capitals mandatory) as the separator. When the 'separator in a text block is '/OR', Pathagoras will ignore simple slashes.

informationThe solution of surrounding text with quotation marks to preserve natural slashes works only for multiple choice variables. Quoting text will not work in other settings (such as in <<*Options* . . . >> blocks) to preserve the natural slash.