Two large panels command the center of the Clause Selection Screen.

The left panel contains a listing of the clauses in the source folder or glossary. Depending upon whether 'Name' or 'Subject' was selected in the Libraries & Books screen, the list will show the appropriate attribute of the document. The other attribute will show in blue at the bottom of the screen, between the two columns. (If a filter was chosen in the Libraries & Books screen, only the items meeting the filter settings are shown.)

The initially empty right pane, will receive the clauses you select from the left panel. The clauses that are present in the right panel when you press Next>> are the ones that will be assembled.

   Move desired clauses from the left panel to the right by:

selecting an item and pressing the Add-> button. (Multiple selections can be made using the Shift- (adjacent) and Ctrl- (non-adjacent items) keys; or

double clicking on an entry.

Remove items from the right panel by clicking the <Remove> button.