Adding Terms to a SuperBook

   Adding terms automatically:    To add a new term to a SuperBook, highlight the term and press <Alt-G> ('Highlight & Add’). The Term Works! screen will appear. Provide a name for the new term (a single word name if you plan to add the term to the SuperGlossary) and give it a more descriptive subject. Press the <Other Book> button near the center of the Term Works! screen. This will take you to the listing of the available ‘target’ glossaries and folders. Select the SuperFolder or the SuperGlossary check-box at the bottom left of the screen.

   Adding terms manually:    You can manually add any document to your SuperFolder by copying or moving or otherwise saving the document in the folder that you designated as your SuperFolder. No 'registration' is required. Its 'being there' is all that is needed. (Remember, with SuperBooks and most other Pathagoras features, there are no special tricks or complex rules in play.)

   You can also place a new (or existing) document into your SuperFolder using SaveSmart. Once designated, your SuperFolder is assigned as SmartPath 13. It will be listed with your other SmartPaths on the SaveSmart screen. (Click here for instructions on how to designate a SuperFolder.)

  tipWhile you can name documents stored in your SuperFolder just about anything you wish, you should consider naming those documents with easy to recall or easy to determine names. A primary purpose of the SuperFolder is to act as a repository for documents that can be recalled simply by typing their names to the screen and pressing <Alt-G>. If those documents are saved with complex or multi-part names, you likely will not be able to readily recall their names to retrieve them.

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