Adding Content to DropDown Lists

   You can add clauses to a folder or glossary represented by an existing DropDown List using the list itself.  Here are the steps.

Highlight with your cursor the portion you want and then click «Save Text to Folder» or «Save Text to Glossary», as appropriate.

Pathagoras does the rest.  Provide a name and a subject and you are done!

If you want to add the entire document on your editing screen to the DropDown List, highlighting is not necessary. Simply click the appropriate «Save Text» item.

Don't worry about 'Folder' vs. 'Glossary.' Pathagoras knows which is which, and will only display the proper option based on the source of the List.

There is absolutely no navigation required on your part. You don't have to Refresh the List after you add an item.


dropdownlists17                   dropdownlists16

Adding text to a folder (left) or to a glossary (right) is done with point & click simplicity.


  tipTo further illustrate the elegance of this feature, we propose the following exercise:

 1. Create a DropDown List for a folder to which you intend to add text (we'll call this the 'incomplete folder').

 2. Display a document that contains some text that you want to add to the 'incomplete folder.'

           3. Highlight the text you want to move into the folder. Click the «Save Doc to Folder» entry in the DropDown List.

 4. Repeat.

    informationWe emphasize that when you 'add content' to a DropDown List, you are only adding a new document to the folder that the Drop Down List represents. Then Pathagoras re-reads the folder content and re-displays the List, including the newly added term.  If you look at the source folder you will see your addition there. Further, if you perform a 'standard' document assembly routine on the same folder, the new term(s) will appear in the Clause Selection Screen.

  Note: As an alternative to the above, you can manually add documents to the folder using any of the other methods that Word makes available. However, the new document won't automatically appear in the DropDown List when you next display it. Be sure to click «Refresh» to update the content.

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