Pathagoras can complete PDF fields which currently reflect [bracketed plain-text variables] (i.e., the PDF has been 'Pathagorized' in much the same way that you would 'Pathagorize' a Word document).


   To 'Pathagorize' a PDF, simply type a bracketed variable in each location that you want to replace with personal data. For example:


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   Save the now Pathagorized PDF form into your collection of PDFs.

   When you are ready to 'personalize' the form, either call up the PDF first (in which case it will appear in the 'Currently Open' list), or call the PDF module ("Pathagoras Features | Authoring/Editing Tools | Complete Adobe Forms"). The following screen will display:


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   Select the PDF you want to edit/complete, either from the "Open PDFs" list box in the upper left corner or from the dropdown list labeled "Other PDFs"). This list reflect the PDFs in the folder shown immediately beneath the drop down box. (You can set up to 3 folders for Pathagoras to display files you want to be able to quickly access. Click the ". . ." button to set/reset a PDF source folder.)

   Next, select the client or customer's record from the dropdown list at the right (labeled "Instant Database (IDB) Records". Then click the Next button. Pathagoras will activate the selected PDF and apply the selected IDB record to it. Be sure to save the amended PDF under a new name to avoid overwriting the original.

   NOTE: If you need to edit the IDB record first, either to check/correct data, or to add fields in the PDF that may not be in the IDB record, click the second box from the top, followed by the Next button. Pathagoras will display the data on the IDB screen for appropriate editing. When done, click the Next button on the IDB screen and Pathagoras will fill in the PDF.

   In a matter of seconds, you have a completed PDF form using the data contained in your Instant Database system.


   Direct replacement of PDF variables with Excel data.

   When you display the Adobe screen, the default display in the Existing Records dropdown is your collection of Instant Database records. The classic replacement of values into your PDF file would be from IDB to PDF.
   But note the new 'Show Excel Files' button (green button). When you click it, Pathagoras replaces the IDB display with Excel files located in your default Excel files folder. Now select an Excel record.  With the 'Apply record to selected PDF' checkbox checked, Pathagoras will replace the variables in the PDF file with the appropriate values scraped from the Excel spreadsheet. (Of course, the named spreadsheet cells which Pathagoras is reading must match the variables in the PDF file. But the beauty of this new 2018.1 feature is that you no longer have to save an intermediate Instant Database record to go from Excel to PDF.)


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Click the 'green' .xlsx to place Excel files in Existing Records dropdown list.



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Note change of color and change of tip text to indicate you have selected Excel files.

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