Interviews / *Ask Tables*

   A typical 'well Pathagorized' document will likely have many 'Options', 'Optional' and 'Repeat' blocks throughout its content.

   In a typical document assembly session, during the 'process' phase Pathagoras will identify the various <<*Options/Optional/Repeat*>> blocks throughout the document. It starts at the top and works its way to the bottom. If a !Group! is encountered, all members of the !Group! further down in the document are processed immediately after the first member of the !Group! is answered.

   The drawback to this approach is that each <<*Option/Optional/Repeat*>> block is answered one at a time, as encountered. 'One-at-a-time' is not a 'bad' thing. Depending upon the document, however, it may become tedious.

    If you find yourself asking 'Why can't I just answer all the questions at the outset, let the program take over, and then I'll go get a cup of coffee?" then it's time for 'Ask Tables.' 'Ask Tables' are Pathagoras form of interviews. They allow document assembly questions to be asked, answers and processed in one seating.

   Beginning with the next section of this Manual, we will introduce the 'Ask' prompts and the parent 'AskTable'. You will learn the elements of the equations, and how to create them yourself. Once you understand the structure, syntax and 'grammar' of these elements, you will find yourself having fun with the programming. But we will also show you how Pathagoras can automatically create these Tables for you.

informationAsk Tables, as used by Pathagoras, are not the same as 'Intake Forms' discussed elsewhere.

Intake Forms are designed to gather names, addresses and similar personal information. Intake Forms can be completed by your client/customer/patient to speed up the intake process.

'AskTable' answers, on the other hand, are provided by you or your in-house staff, and often require the technical knowledge you have been retained for to answer. ("What type of Deed? What type of Trust?" or "Is this a springing Power of Attorney?")

Interviews (AskTables) lead to the initial rough drafts of documents. Client data is then applied to personalize the document. Read more about Intake Forms here.