Other *Alias* List containers (Individual Lists)

 There are three other files that can contain *Aliases* and their Lists (in addition to Multichoice.xlsx)

  The first is an Excel spreadsheet that bears the name of the *Alias* itself. Two requirements for this kind:

1.The name of the spreadsheet must match the name of the *Alias*. (In other words, if you want to refer in your document to your *Alias* as "Attorney Name", the spreadsheet name must be "Attorney Name.xlsx" (or .xls)

2.The spreadsheet must be saved to the folder in which your primary *Alias* file is saved. By default it is stored in the Instant Database folder. (You can determine the current location of your Alias List typing 'Alias<Alt-G> (for 'g'et). Select Open Folder containing Alias List'.'

3.Each alias choice must be on a separate line.

The second alternate container is a simple Word document that bears the name of the alias. The document would contain a single column of words, and that column can be (1) line after line of text or (2) a table containing a single column. Each line or each cell would contain a single choice of what the alias represents. The document must be saved in the same folder as the main alias list. (To determine this location, type 'alias' to you screen and press <Alt-G> (to 'get' the alias menu). Select 'Open Folder containing Alias List.') Note that the first choice must begin on line 1 (or cell 1) of the document. No spaces are allowed between entries. When Pathagoras encounters a 'blank line,' it assumes 'no more.'

The third alternate container is a 'custom' alias list that you can associate with a particular document(s) via the Custom Properties of the document. This List is just like the default list (multiple aliases are typical) except you must specifically associate the list with a document.  Lists are discussed at this link.

 You can view your existing 'individual' aliases (the first two bullets above) by clicking the Individual Aliases tab. You can also create a new 'individual alias' via this tab.