Other Alias *List* containers

 There are two other files that can contain Alias lists (in addition to Multichoice.xlsx)

  The first is a spreadsheet that bears the name of the Alias itself. Two requirements for this kind:

1.The name of the spreadsheet must match the name of the Alias (in other words, if you want to call your Alias *List* "Attorney Name", the spreadsheet name must be "Attorney Name.xls" (or .xlsx)

2.The spreadsheet must be saved to the folder in which your default Alias *List* file is saved. By default it is stored in the Instant Database folder. You can determine the current location of your Instant Database folder by pressing Alt-D (for Instant Database) and looking toward the bottom of the screen. The full path to IDB files is shown there in a text box. You can highlight the path and then copy the path into your clipboard by pressing Ctrl-C.

3.You can view your existing 'individual' aliases by clicking the Individual Aliases tab. You can also create a new 'individual alias' via this tab.



   The second is Pathagoras 'Legacy' list.

The original alias storage file was called multichoice.csv (note the extension). Many older users of Pathagoras may have their lists stored in this container. Pathagoras grandfathers all previous tools, but if you wish to convert your lists to the Excel version, you can do so via the Legacy tab. (You can also view your current aliases and corresponding lists.)

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