Other *Alias* List containers

 There are two other files that can contain *Aliases* and their Lists (in addition to Multichoice.xlsx)

  The first is a spreadsheet that bears the name of the *Alias* itself. Two requirements for this kind:

1.The name of the spreadsheet must match the name of the *Alias*. (In other words, if you want to refer in your document to your *Alias* as "Attorney Name", the spreadsheet name must be "Attorney Name.xlsx" (or .xls)

2.The spreadsheet must be saved to the folder in which your default *Alias* file is saved. By default it is stored in the Instant Database folder. (You can determine the current location of your Instant Database folder by pressing <Alt-D> (for Instant Database) and looking toward the bottom of the screen. The full path to IDB files is shown there in a text box. You can highlight the path and then copy the path into your clipboard by pressing Ctrl-C.) Each value must be on a separate line.

3.You can view your existing 'individual' aliases by clicking the Individual Aliases tab. You can also create a new 'individual alias' via this tab.


   New Pathgoras 2019: The second is a 'custom' alias list that you can associate with a particular document(s) via the Custom Properties of the document. Custom Lists are discussed at this link.