<<*AskOptions*>> 'Fill-In' option

   Beginning with Pathagoras v. 2022, you can add a 'fill-in' prompt in addition to the other prompts. Currently, this is useable only for an <<*AskOptions(radio)* . . .>> command. That means that only a single option can be selected. If the Fill in is selected and completed, the 'raw' answer is used to replace all instances in the body text of the identical !groupname! (this restriction is subject to change as we receive comments and suggestions from users actually applying this feature to real world.

   Here is what the interview may look like:

AskTable Fill-In


   This is the 'interview' for the above:



   You can even have a single entry, but the argument must still be (radio). (Of course, a groupname is always required.) E.g.,



    Here is a 'big' example with a mish-mash of sample text, some fill-in, some not. Play with it to get a feel for the action.



 <<*AskOptions(radio)*!Children!No children/One child/2+children*>>



       ====  body text ======



<<*Options*!Fruit!*Apples sauce/Banana pudding/Cherry pie/Fill-in>>

<<*Optional*!pickup!Is pickup available?*You may also pick up your block of cement from our help desk between the hours of 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.>> (body text . . .body text)

<<*Optional*!pickup!*Be sure bring a crane with you.>>

<<*Options*!Children!*No children were ever born to me./One child was born to me./I have many children>>



informationThe words 'fill-in' in the above examples must match your system's 'stop-and-fill' word. So in all of the above examples, use your stop-and-fill term in place of 'fill-in'.

informationCurrrently, the 'fill-in' routine works only with the <<*AskOptions(radio)* . . .  command and argument. (Of course, the only requirement in the 'body <<*Options*' is that it contain the !groupname!.

informationAs an exception to the rule that 'Options (by definition) must contain 2 or more choices,' we have made an exception here.