<<*AskOptions*>> additional results

  When an <<*AskOptions*. . .*>> block is answered during a document assembly session, Pathagoras first assigns and records the positional value of the selected item(s) to the !GroupName! of the equation. (We'll call this the 'parent' value.)

   Pathagoras then creates a new set of !GroupNames! for each 'child.' This means that Pathagoras implicitly assigns a 'True' (or 'False') value to each selected (or not selected) value. (The !GroupNames! created reflect the exact names of the individual <<*AskOptions . . .>> choices. This allows you to insert an <<*Optional*!groupname!* . . .  >> (where !groupname! is the newly, automatically created element bearing a 'True' or 'False' value) in the document body.

   Now, go back and read the above. Having a good understanding of what we just said can, in the right circumstance, make The 'true/false' assignments occur only when the 'child choice' is unique (not a number or a common word) and is less than 25 characters in length).

   Please jump to this page for more information,explanations and useful samples. Advanced users especially will want to take advantage of this feature.