External source of Interview Answers

Values for answersare typically derived from completion of Interviews discussed in this section of the Manual. But those Interviews are not the only potential source of values.

If you take a look at the answer file that Pathagoras creates, you can see that it’s just a simple csv file. This kind of file can be created from any source, including Excel. So if a  user skilled in Excel wanted to create a spreadsheet that could generate a csv file in the style of

“!groupname1!: /value/^upperlimit’”

“!groupname2!: /value/^upperlimit’”

“!groupname3!: /value/^upperlimit’”



'Value' represents the positional value of the choice made by the user. If the choices are Red, Blue and/or Green, and the user chose 'Blue', the 'value' would be '2'. If the user chose Red and Green, the value would be 1*3.

The 'upper limit' refers to the number of 'Options" choices that are presented in the document for possible selection. If the user could choose among Red, Blue or Green, the upper limit would be '3'. For the 50 United States, the upper limit would be '50'.

If the answer is binary (i.e., an <<*Optional* choice, Pathagoras uses a slightly different nomenclature. The value would be 0 (for false or delete) and 1 (for true or keep). The upper limit off an Optional choice is always '1'.

If the value is a number (*Repeat*), the value is presented between hashtags, with no upper limit.


!number of Children!: #3#