Automatic Paragraph Numbering

 A beautiful sight to behold during paragraph assembly is inserting a paragraph(s) that contains automatic paragraph numbering controls and seeing everything ending up perfectly numbered even though the original number of paragraphs is not the same as the final number. Plus, when you need to add another paragraph (whether at the end of an existing list, or smack-dab in the middle of it), the paragraphs end up properly renumbered.

 To give credit where credit is due, the magic of all of this is all Word, and 'none' Pathagoras. But even Word cannot handle it if the numbering styles (and sometimes even the numbering source) among the paragraphs being assembled or the clause being inserted, are not consistent.

 So when you disassemble a clause with an APN, if you intend to use that paragraph with other paragraphs that following the same numbering scheme, you will be perfectly ok. But don't expect a paragraph introduced by a bullet, or a paragraph from an 'outline' that you want to insert in a simple numbered list to 'behave' the way you want. It cannot (except accidentally so). The schemes do not match, and Word (and Pathagoras) cannot put that square peg into the round hole.

 If you are trying to disassemble a piece of text that currently contains APN coding that you want to insert in a wide variety of settings, you won't want to include the paragraph marker (the pilcrow) that closes the paragraph. The coding that controls APN is in that pilcrow. (Note: If you include the pilcrow, the text will still come in just fine during document assembly or via a DropDown Lists, but likely will not be numbered, indented, bulleted, etc. the way you expect.

 You can always renumber or correct bad numbering using Word tools. The 'Format Painter' is likely the easiest tool. You might also force the added text into the previous, properly numbered paragraph, and then hit 'Enter'. That 'Enter' should cause the APN of the previous paragraph to be applied to the new text.