The SaveSmart module contains functions whereby you can tell Pathagoras to automatically suggest a name for the document you are about to save.

   It operates on this very simple principle. If Pathagoras identifies key word or words within a designated range of lines at the beginning of a document, Pathagoras will name the document based on the key word(s) found.

   For example (assuming certain parameters you have set), if the word "Dear" is found between lines 5 and 10 of the document being saved, Pathagoras will assume that you are saving a letter and will offer to name the document "Letter to".

   Note: You provide all of the parameters: the key word(s), the range of lines in the newly created document within which to search for the key word, and the proposed name for the document if the key word is found. All of these items are set and saved in the SaveSmart screen.

(1) Click the SaveSmart icon and click the "More>>" button in the lower left quadrant of the screen.

(2) Under the Settings tab, check the "Propose name of new document" box at the bottom of the augmented screen.

(3) Click the button to the left of that check-box to create your settings.

"?" help pop-ups are available at the bottom of each column to offer guidance as to what might go into each box. Here, you can set your key word(s), the lines within which Pathagoras should look for the key word(s) and the 'response' if the keyword(s) is found.

You can also append a date at the beginning of the proposed name by selecting one of the options at the top.

  informationYou can set up to 5 sets of parameters. Here is a screen shot:


   To test your settings, open a new, blank, document and put the key word within the set range. Click SaveSmart and study the result. Modify the settings as appropriate.


   Beneath the 'name based on content' section is a section titled "Otherwise". Here, Pathagoras provides you with additional choices for auto-naming your document. You may 'Use Title' or 'Use Subject' or 'Use 1st line', as desired. (Note, as the 'Otherwise' suggests, these latter choices are used only if none of the 'name based on content' choices are matched, or if they are blank.)

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