Bookmarks and Fields

Bookmarks and Fields are two of several normally hidden elements in a Word document


Other markings include Anchors and boxes (no name for those) which signal certain commands regarding paragraph and page controls.  As you use Word and Pathagoras more and more,

  Showing the 'ends' of a bookmarked term: The range of a bookmarked term is noted by two light-gray-in-color brackets at the beginning and end of the term. More often than not, they will not be visible without take a few more steps because Word does not display bookmarks by default. Even when 'exposed' the light gray color can be hard to see, so look carefully.

   Word provides you one method, and Pathagoras has 2, for you to 'show' the bookends:

In Word, click Tools|Options|View and check the Bookmarks item.

In Pathagoras, display the Utilities/Settings screen. Look for and click the button (toward the bottom-right) that says [Show Bookmarks] or [Hide Bookmarks].  When clicked, the button will toggle to the opposite value.


Pathagoras embeds all formatting code for a particular paragraph of text into the 'pilcrow' (The 'pilcrow' is the 'backwards P' shaped character: ¶) (¶) character that closes that paragraph.

If the bookmarks include that final pilcrow, then the text will come in fully formatted.

If the bookmarks exclude that final pilcrow, the text comes in as unformatted text. The text will take on the style/characteristics of the receiving paragraph.

   You can manually change the 'scope' of the bookmarks. To do so, display the glossary. Make sure Show Bookmarks is set to 'on' (see text above for instructions on how to display bookmarks).  Study the document, looking especially for whether the final pilcrow is within or without the closing bookmark. To enclose the pilcrow within the closing bookmark when it is not initially, place your cursor just inside the bookmark and press the 'enter button. Sometimes it is necessary to type a 'real' character (a period will work) and an enter. Then delete the extra character. By playing with the sequence you can accomplish what you want.

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