The processing of commands in an AskTable is top to bottom. Pathagoras will try to display as many Asks as possible, but no more that 10 at a time, (this is more a function of screen size than anything else).

   Two exceptions:

1.If the AskTable contains an '<<*If*. . .>> logic point for which the comparison !groupname! has no value, Pathagoras will stop while you provide that value.

2.The <<*Break*>>command. Insert "<<*Break*>>" on its own line anywhere in the AskTable and Pathagoras will 'cut-off' adding additional questions until the one's before the 'break' are answered. <<*Break*>> allow you better presentation and control over the questions that are presented.

3.Beginning with version Pathagoras 2020.5.60 (release September 10, 2020), you can now display an unlimited number of questions. But the default max is still 10. To increase that number, click "Pathagoras Features (top half)|All Settings|Options/Optional" . Look for the 'Max Frames' text box (which will read '10' by default) and increase (or decrease) to the number you want. '99' is 'unlimited'). Press the Save icon to save the selection.