When you process a document with options blocks nested within another, or with variables nested within Options blocks (either or both), you notice a pause while Pathagoras is making some changes to the text to allow proper processing and identification of the 'real' separators. Pathagoras is just trying to make sure that the slash it encounters is the right slash for the level of the option being processed.

   E.g., <<*Options*!FoodType!Appetizer/Entree/Dessert*I want to start the meal off with a [Greek salad/bowl of tomato bisque/cheese assortment]./For the main course, let me have [fried chicken/New York strip steak/vegetable moussaka]./And let's finish up with [Baked Alaska/Raspberry sorbet/apple pie]. {And coffee, please.}>>

   Since a slash is a separator, without Pathagoras having a way to distinguish the the slashes within the variables, you would be presented ten options at the beginning when you were only expecting 3.

   To detemine the proper scope of an option (indicated by strategically placed slashes '/'), Pathagoras would temporarily (and very quickly) convert all nested Options and variables that have slashes to other characters. (If the conversion process is interrupted for some reason, you probably saw the results of the conversions: your text with some strange characters in place of what you typed.)

   But the process of converting in, and then back out, while usually very quick, sometimes would add a significant amount of processing time. This is more so the longer the document, the more variables and the more nested options you have.

   In cases where major sections can be clearly identified, and where the 'slash conversion' would be a waste of time, use a ^OR as the divider. It can only be used at the 'top level' of choices, and not at a nested level. Multiple ^ORs in a single document are permitted when you have multiple but independent 'top level' options sets. It is not, however, possible to nest an options block using ^OR within another.

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