Changing Variable Names in Existing Records

Possible scenario: When you first started working with Pathagoras, you called your variables “[Name of Client]” and "[Address of Client]". (Note that when these sort alphabetically, they likely will not appear next to each other.)

Now that you have more experience with Pathagoras, and your system has matured, you have decided that you want your variables names such that the information 'groups together' better. You want the variables to be “[Client Name]” and "[Client Address".

You can make the change in future source documents by using “[Client Name]” and "[Client Address" from the outset. You can change existing source documents to reflect “[Client Name]” and "[Client Address" using Pathagoras’ Search and Replace tool. (Note: Search and Replace will work against all documents in a selected folder, so the replacement can be done quite rapidly.)

Having done that, you now need a tool that allows you to make your existing data records  compatible with your new documents.

You can replace a (now) ‘bad’ variable name with a ‘good’ variable name using another one of Pathagoras' replacement tools. This one will inspect your entire collection of records and (following the above example) change "[Name of Client]" to "[Client Name]" in each record. You can change up to 3 variables at a time.

Here's how:

   From the Instant Database Setting & Options Screen.

a)Click the "Convert/Create" tab from the bottom set of tabs.

b)(Optional) If you have activated the IDB 'Tree Service', select (either by typing or by navigating) the folder from which the table will be created.

c)In the lower set of fields, type the old variable(s) in the top row and the new variables in the bottom row.
(The below image is a bit outdated. You can now replace at one time up to 3 'old' variables with new ones.)

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