Create Set from DropDown List

  If you have previously assigned one of your DropDown Lists to a folder of text snippets from which you wish to create a Clause Set, you will find it incredibly easy to do so. Toggle the button in the upper left quadrant of the DropDown List section until it reads <<Insert Name>>. Then select one item from any of your DropDown Lists to begin building your Clause Set.




    When you click your first item from your DropDown List, you will see this menu. Make a choice as to how you want your selection to be presented (short name or fully qualified (full address) name. Continue making choices from the DropDown List. (Note: you can mix and match! Nothing limits you to a single list.)


So, by selecting the appropriate terms, you have quickly built a Clause Set. See below:


   Once you have the clauses you desire, save your Clause Set under an appropriate name using regular Word tools, but don't forget: you can save your Set into the folder represented by one of your DropDown Lists by clicking the 'Add text to folder' at the foot of the List.  Then when you recall the document from the List, it will automatically process.

  lightbulbsmall You are not required to save the on-screen list as a Clause Set. Perhaps you wanted to just drop in clauses and process your list without saving it. Not a problem. You can process what is on the screen at any time. Just press <Alt-P>.