Document level:

  Document level 'comments' are short descriptive passages and explanations regarding any aspect of a document that are stored as one of the document's built-in properties. Comments can be used for any purpose, but most often they are used to explain to others what purpose the document fulfills and the circumstances under which it should be used.

   We strongly encourage use of Comments. They can provide great assistance to an end-user who is trying to decide whether and when to use a particular clause. It is one more tool that can make document assembly a more accurate process.

 In Pathagoras,when you 'Preview' a clause (either in the Clause Selection screen or via a DropDown List), the document's Comments (if any) will appear along with the actual text of the selected term.

   To add (or edit) a Comment to a document, simply display the document onto your editing screen. Then depending upon your version of Word, follow these steps:

Word 2010 and later: Click the File tab. In the right panel of the resulting window, you should see a list of document properties, one of which will be Comments. Click it. Add/edit the text in the Comments box. (If you don't see "Comments," click the Properties drop-down list (upper-right side of the screen) and choose Show Document Panel. Locate the 'Comments' link. Click it and add/edit text as appropriate.

Word 2007: Click the round Office button. Click 'Prepare' and then click 'Properties'. Locate the Comments box and add/edit the text as appropriate.

Text level:

   The Comments discussed above refer to Document Level comments.

   Text level comments are internal text blocks associated with specific portions of the document. They can relate to individual words, to sentences, paragraphs and large swaths of text). They are typically used for collaboration notes, but they can also be used to explain the purpose and usage of a specific section of text. Text level comments will not appear in the Preview screens discussed above.

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