Compare to Prefix/Suffix Naming

   The prefix/suffix naming convention is an extremely powerful tool. Name your clauses with a prefix containing two, three or four letters followed by a suffix of at least three number, and you can then instantly recall any clause so named from wherever its location. You simply type its name and press <Alt-G>. Read more about this powerful tool under Prefix/Suffix Naming Convention and <Alt-G>.

    The 'limitation' of the prefix/suffix naming style is that a special naming convention must be followed. It presupposes that the clauses are 'categorizable' (i.e., it must fit into the subject matter that the prefix represents; e.g., 'will' for 'wills'; 'con' for contracts).

   SuperBooks have no specific naming rules. SuperBooks are intended to contain those clauses that span all subjects and are used in every context. Therefore, you should consider pouring all your 'general' clauses, terms and forms (form letters, signature blocks, lists of addresses and phone numbers, office boilerplate text, etc.), into one or the other of your SuperBook.