Confirming that Pathagoras is installed

   Word sometimes causes Pathagoras (and other add-ins) to stop working for no apparent reason.

   There are two classic indicators that Pathagoras has stopped running.

You don't see the Pathagoras tab. Pathagoras has 'disappeared.'

You see and error message that Pathagoras has failed to load.

Whether Pathagoras has  'disappeared' or is simply 'partially' running (you see the 'Pathagoras' tab, but you get one of the above error messages) it usually is a simple matter of reminding Word that Pathagoras really does exist.

   Here are the reconnect steps.)

1.Click the File tab (in Word2007, click the round button in the upper left corner of the page.

2.Click the Options button in the lower right quadrant of the File screen (its just called "Word Options" in Word 2007). You should see this screen:.


Figure 1. The Word Options Screen.  The Add-ins button is the 7th item down at the left.


3. Click the 'Add-Ins' item in the left panel.  The View and manage Microsoft Office Add-ins screen will appear and you should see a screen similar to Figure 2 below.


Figure 2. The 'View and manage Microsoft Office add-ins' Screen.

4. At the bottom, look for the "Manage" drop down and  select "Word Add-ins" from the list.

5.  Press the <Go...> button. You should see a screen similar to Figure 3 below.

information(If after pressing the <Go. . .> button, Pathagoras does not appear in the list of Add-ins, proceed to step 5).



Figure 3. The 'Templates and Add-ins' Screen

4.  Check the Pathagoras.dotm box if not checked.

5.  If you do not see Pathagoras in the above screens, try reinstalling Pathagoras from your origina "Pathagoras Setup.exe" file (no need to uninstall).

6.  If still not successful, call or write to us. We'll establish a GoToMeeting connection and get you up and running in short order.


(If you are using Word 2003 or prior, click here for the instructions on restoring the toolbar.)

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