Content Controls, Creating

  Word allows you to create, read, list and 'read' Word's Content Controls., also know, for purposes of this article, as Check-boxes, DropDown Lists, Date Selectors and Text collectors.

  Pathagoras knows how to create Content Controls using standard Pathagoras calls, and to read values set by these controls by scrapping their titles and tags.


   To elevate the Content Controls to the AskTable, run the 'Create Asks' wizard in the Pathagoras Features menu. Pathagoras will discover all content controls which contain titles and tags.


Creating a Content Control


We present this alternative first since it is the easier, plain-text approach, using standard Pathagoras styles. (There are other benefits to this approach, including ease of editing the potential control.)

<<*CC_Text*!title!*prompt text>>


 <<*CC_Text*!property!*Type property description here>>

 <<*CC_Text*!affect!*Describe the patients affect>>




 You can use *Alias* lists to populate the control:




 <<*CC_Date(Mmm d, yyyy)*!mailing date!*Date of Mailing>>

 When you 'process' the document, Pathagoras will convert these its to Word content controls (as well as processing the other <<*Options/Optional/Repeat* . . .>> blocks. You can complete the CCs afterwards.

 You can, if you wish, 'process' the <<*CC_. . .>> command, embedding the content controls in the document before you save it. However, until you are sure that no other tweaks are to be made to the controls, we recommend that you save the document in its 'raw' state,  (Of course, if you are going to distribute the form to others who do not have Pathagoas installed, you must convert.

 At this link, you will see a 'complete' intake form containing the above elements.Since it is all plain text, you can simple copy the text and paste it into a document.


You can (and should feel comfortable about) adding Content Control to your documents on your own.

The Developer Tab must be visible in the ribbon area. To make the Developer Tab visible,

 (1) Click the File tab, then Options and then Customize Ribbon

 (2) In the right panel, check 'Developer'

 (3) Click okay. That's for

To Create a new Check-box control:

 (1) Place your cursor where you want the check-box to be and click to establish the insertion point.

 (2) Click the Developer tab and select the Check-box icon. Word placed the new check-box at the desired spot.

 (3) Click the Properties button (Developer tab)

 (4) Provide a Title.  The Title will be the text to the right of check-box and which provides a clue to the user as to whether to check the box, or leave it unchecked.

 (5) Provide a Tag. The Tag is identical to the groupname in other Pathagoras tools. When you make a selection from a group, Pathagoras carries the positional value of that selection throughout the document. (Used when there are multiple choices.  

           E.g., Custodian:  Father Mother Joint

         Custodian is the tag; Father etc. are the titles.

 Keep the other defaults (which are unchecked)

 (6) You can choose any 'checked' vs. 'unchecked' look (bottom of screen), but the defaults are fine. Keep the other default settings.

To Edit an existing check-box control:

 If you already have check-box controls in your document, just

 (1) Select the control you wish to edit by clicking it with your mouse.

 (2) Click the Developer tab and select "Properties'

(3) Follow steps 4 and 5 above to set the Title and Tag

To Create a new List control:

 (1) Place your cursor where you want the list to be and click to establish the insertion point.

 (2) Click the Developer tab and select the List icon. Word places the new list control at the desired spot.

 (3) Click the Properties button (Developer tab)

(4) Provide a title (unlike with check-boxes,the title you select is not used by Pathagoras.

(5) Provide a tag. See (5) above under check-boxes.

(6) At the bottom, click Add and type in your first choice, and repeat until all your choices. (You can delete 'choose an item' from the choices if you want to make your first element your default choice.

Via the Authoring/Editing Tools Screen (Content Controls Tab)

Checkbox: Place cursor where you want the checkbox to appear. It the text you want to be the box's label, highlight it.

Textbox: Place cursor where you want the control to appear

List Control: Create a list, either 'stacked' with the choices on separate lines, or linear, with the choices separated by slashes. Highlight the list.

Date Control: Place cursor where you want the control to appear.

Then, display the Content Control menu and click the appropriate button. Complete the questions posed. Done.







Save the document