Content Controls, Scraping

   You can create (or another may have created) a document that contains Content Controls that you intent to be completed by a client/patient/customer or other third party and returned to you.

   This is a classic 'intake form'.

   Pathagoras can scrape a completed form containing Content Controls for the values provided by the third part.. The results will be displayed in an Instant Database record which you can save and then use to complete all documents for that client/patient/customer. (Typically a form of this nature would contain basic identifying information and the original record would be relatively small. Of course, with Pathagoras Instant Database features, that record can be later augmented with additional variables and values with no additional work on your part.)

    To scrape a form for data contained within a document's Content Controls,

 (a) press Alt-D;

 (b) click the 'More Tools' button

 (c) click the 'Import' Button.

 From the list that is presented, select 'Word Form'. Save the record under any desired name.

 A sample intake form using Content Controls is provided in the Samples Glossary.

    A bit 'fancier,' you can create Interview based on conditional (non-text) controls: Pathagoras can scan your document for Content Controls that present selectable lists, check-boxes and radio buttons and present the various possible choices in an 'AskTable' (interview) at the top of the document. When the document is processed, make selections of the document's conditional elements presented in the Interview of the document (Options and Optional block created with Pathagoras tools). This avoids you having to scroll through the document to find the individual elements.**  When using Content Controls to augment AskTable (interview):

**Scrolling to find a Content Control is not a major event. But sometimes it is hard to see all that may be scattered throughout the document. That's when this tool will come in handy.