Create <<*Options/Optional*>> Assistant

   The Create '<<*Options/Optional*>> text assistant' can help you to properly form the administrative section of each <<*Options/Optional*>> text block.   If you are not familiar with how Optional and Options text, be sure to familiarize yourself first with the <<*Optional*/*Options*>> text blocks section of this Manual.

   To activate the Assistant, click the “'Create <<*Options/Optional>> Ass't” entry in the Pathagoras drop down features list. (You can also press <Alt-O>.) This screen will appear.

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Figure 1. The Initial 'Create Options' Assistant Screen.

There are to distinct types of text blocks with which this Assistant deals.

A. <<*Optional*>>: 'Optional' text is pure 'take or leave it' text.

1. Highlight text you intend to be 'optional'.

2. Display the CVA. Check the <<*Optional*>> control.

3. If you want to add a Group Name (so that all Optional text block throughout the document will be processed together), check that box and provide the Group Name.

4. Click Next>>. "<<" and ">>" markers are placed around the selected text and if selected, the Group Name is added as well.


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Figure 1. When <<*Optional*>> selected, the screen offers
additional choices ( 'Add Short Question' and 'Add Group Name'),
corresponding with advanced features available with <<Optional>> blocks.

B. <<*Options*>>:  'Options' text is that text which provides the user with two or more (up to six) selection from which to choose.

1.Highlight the text which reflects the choices you have composed. (The choices should be separated from each other by forward slashes ('/').

2.Display the CVA. Check the <<*Options*>> control. The menu is expanded to look like Figure 3.

3.If you wish Pathagoras to display 'short questions' in lieu of the entire optional text section when the Options block is encountered during document assembly, check the Add 'short questions' box. Select then number of short question holders you want reserved (same as the number of options you have provided).

4.Select 'Checkboxes' if you want the user to be able to select more than one of the options. Select 'Radio Buttons' if you want to limit the user to choosing a single option from the ones presented.

5.Press the Next button. Type your 'short questions' in the places indicated.

There you can select whether to add just the opening and closing "<<" and ">>" markers, or place holders for questions you may want to use to guide the user.

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Figure 2. The Expanded Variable Creation Assistant Screen.
(Expanded after the <<*Options*>> radio button was selected.)

 tip Don't be afraid to make a 'mistake' in creating <<*Options/Optional*>> text blocks. After you press an action button, Pathagoras will display an "Undo" button (not shown here). Click it once or twice to take you back to your original text. You can then start over with a different approach.