Creating a new profile A profile is a Document Management device that stores up to 12 SmartPaths.:

Click the runner icon (the first on the tool bar) to display the PathSmart screen.

Click the <Settings> button.

Click the <Add New> button.

Following the prompts, provide a name for your new Profile.

redarrowA different naming ‘philosophy’ applies here. While in a document assembly setting, a library should be named for a universal audience (after all, many users might be tapping in to a library), a profile can be much more intimate. Its name should reflect the ‘personality’ of the operator, and its content should be the folders that the operator visits most frequently. We therefore recommend that a profile name be that of the user. E.g., “Mary” or “Robert.” As an exception, to the extent you want one of more 'generic' profiles to serve as the base for other profiles, consider giving that profile the name of the company.

You will be given a choice whether to keep the assignments of the current profile or to start ‘fresh.’  Select how much (if any) of the existing profile’s settings you wish to preserve.