Creating a new book with Term Works!

You will typically use Term Works! to add clauses to existing books. However, in the very early stages of your system’s development, you may be creating new books from scratch.

1.Display the document from which you want to draw your first clause.

2.Highlight the text that you want to be the first clause. Example follows:

This is ‘pretend’ highlighted text. This text can come from any source--an existing document, copied and pasted into Word from the Internet, anywhere.
For this exercise, we want to add this text as the first term in the book. To do so, we 
     (1) highlight it (with the mouse, drag the cursor from the top left to the bottom right of the desired text. Word will ‘paint it’ the reverse colors to indicate the highlight) and  
     (2) Press the keyboard combination <Alt-G> ‘against’ the highlighted text. The Term Works! screen (Figure 1) will quickly appear.

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Figure 1. A 'blank' Term Works! screen.

Note that the first and last words of the highlighted text appear near the top of the form.

The next steps are to (1) name the clause, (2) provide a subject to more fully identify the purpose of the clause and (3) select where to save it. Because we are adding a new book, the middle “Other” is an appropriate choice.

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Figure 2. Provide name (1) and subject (2) and then click ‘Other’ (3).



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Figure 3. Since we are starting a new book,  click the “Create New Book First” box.
Then click Add Term.

Pathagoras will ask you whether you want the book to be a glossary or a folder of terms. See the discussion above as to which is ‘better.’ Then it will ask where you want to save the new book. Navigate to the desired location. Pathagoras will save the text in the new book, using the name and subject you provided.