Creating a New Library

   The Demo Settings, Profiles and Libraries that ship with Pathagoras are good tools to help you to learn the program's basic features. However, before you begin to make changes or additions that you wish to be permanent, you must first create a new library. This is because every time you download an upgrade to Pathagoras, the DocAssemDemo systems are overwritten. Here are the steps:

1.Click the Document Assembly icon.

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Figure 1. The Pathagoras Toolbar.
The arrow points to Document Assembly icon.

The Libraries & Books screen (figure2) appears. The default 'DocAssemDemo' library is on display.

2.Drop down the list of available Libraries. Click the <<Add New Library>> entry.

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Figure 2. Initial Document Assembly Screen

The following screen will appear:

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Figure 3. Document Assembly Settings screen


3.Provide a name for your new library in the screen. Click OK.

After you click OK, the Document Assembly 'Settings' screen will appear, showing the previous Default Library's settings (Figure 4). It will then lay over that a screen (Figure 5) asking how much, if any, of the previous Library's settings you wish to keep.

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Figure 4. Document Assembly Settings screen

4.When Figure 5 displays, make a choice. Click the top button if you want to preserve the current setup. (If you preserve the current setup, you can change any setting later.) If you want none of them, click the second entry and your new library will be empty. For this exercise, let's start 'from a blank sheet.' Click the second button.

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Figure 5.  Let Pathagoras know which elements of the 'old'
Library's Settings (if any) you want to carry over to your new Library

5.The screen shown in Figure 5 will disappear, leaving you with an empty library displaying in the Library Settings screen. You can put books on the shelves by clicking the Browse or AutoSet buttons (near the bottom). But we are going to add books a different way for this exercise. "X" out (or otherwise close) the Library Settings screen, and proceed to the next exercise, "Shelving Your First Book."

   You now have (at least) two libraries: (1) the original DocAssemDemo library and (2) the one you just created (and any other ones you may have earlier created). The last one you created will be the new 'default' library.

   You can see all libraries, and choose among them, by clicking the drop-down list under the words "Current Library" in the Libraries & Books screen (Figure 2 above). The last one you select will become the new 'default' library.

Alternative method: You can add a new Library directly from the Settings screen. Click the Settings button in the lower right corner of the Document Assembly screen. Then, when the Settings screen appears, click the Add New button and follow the prompts.

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Figure 6. Instead of adding a new library from the initial Document Assembly ('Libraries & Books') screen,
you can activate the Setting screen and click the 'Add New' button there. The remaining steps are identical.


redarrowWhen you upgrade Pathagoras, the installer will overwrite the 'Demo' profile and the 'DocAssemDemo' library.  (No other profiles or libraries are affected.)  If you made changes to either of these sample setups, they will be lost. Be sure to copy them over to a new profile/library using the above instructions.

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