The right side of Create Variables Wizard is for those situations where you want to add one or more 'existing' variables. These are variables that you previously saved into a mask. (A 'mask' is an collection of variables, typically along with instructions that you --or we, if you are using one of our pre-loaded masks -- may have provided to guide the end user as to how to complete each variable. (See Masks.)

   Assuming that you have a mask which contains the appropriate variables:

1)Drop down the list at the right side of the CVW that initially reads 'Available Masks.' Select the desired Mask. Pathagoras will load the variables into a selectable list. The form will move to the other side of the page, but that is more cosmetic and informative (informing you that you have done something 'big').

2)‘Point and click’ to move a variable from the list into your document.

3)If you had highlighted the text which you want to replace with the selected variable, Pathagoras will present the following screen with options as to how you might want to handle other text identical to the highlighted text. (In the example, the highlighted text was the name "John Q. Doe" and you had selected "Testator Name" from the variables list:


  Choose the scope you desire for Pathagoras to make replacements. (Typically, the third choice -- 'entire document'-- is appropriate.

4)Inserting multiple variables.

Click to enlarge.

a)Normal 'list controls' apply to the display so you need only use Ctrl or Shift plus the left mouse button to select more than one variable. Click Insert.

b)If 'Stacked' is selected from the options just below the Insert button, an 'enter' will be inserted between each variable. If 'Linear' is selected, a space will be inserted, but the variables will otherwise be inserted on the same line.

c)You can also 'double click' on a variable to insert it into the document.

d)If you previously highlighted the text that you want to replace with a variable, and select a single variable from the 'multi-select' screen, you will get the same query screen shown in 3). above.