DropDown Lists typically point to documents. Word documents in particular. But other sections described how you can point DropDown Lists to Excel spreadsheets, images, Word Perfect documents and others.

    You can also point your DropDown Lists to an *Alias* list. An *alias* is a single word or phrase that represents longer list of possible choices. Think "States" representing the 50 United States. 'States' is the alias. The list comprises the names of the individual States.

    A DropDown List can refer to any of your existing *Aliases*. Click here for steps on how to create a DropDown List from an existing Alias list.

    You can create an *Alias*  DropDown List *from scratch using new content that you have on your editing screen (see below inset for procedure).

   You can insert any term from the List simply by dropping down the list and clicking the item. If you want to select multiple items from the list in a single action, first click the 'Create Multi-select Display' ' option at the bottom of the List. With Multi-select activated, you can build sentences, and numbered or bulleted lists.

    It's one more way that Pathagoras lets you build documents from just about any source. See 'Sentence Assembly' for more information.

    Creating an Alias DropDown 'on the fly':

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