Using DropDown Lists

   Regardless of which method you used to create the DropDown List (methods discussed in earlier sections), Pathagoras will transfer the names of the documents in the target location into a DropDown List. It is now on your screen (look in the menu area). Once it is on screen, it is ready to use.

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The DropDown lists displays in the Menu area.

Point and Click    

   Point and click to insert any item contained in any DropDown List. Depending upon the state of the «NewDoc/Insert» toggle at the left side of the DropDown List Controls Panel the selected clause will be inserted at the cursor point in the open document, or a brand-new document will be created using the selected item. (If «NewDoc», the document will be identical in every respect to the original, but it will just be a copy. You can tell because the name of the document will be something like "Document 2".

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DropDown list 'dropped down'.  Select a clause.

«NewDoc/Insert» toggle

  In the upper left corner of the DropDown List section is a button that is initially set to «NewDoc». This means that the next document you click on in your List will be inserted as a new document. (You can hover over it to see its action.) The NewDoc will be an identical copy of the original in every respect. The only way to tell that it is not not the original is to check out its name, which will be 'Document 2', 'Document 3' or the like. This prevents the possibility of an accident overwrite of the original.

    You can toggle the button to «Insert» by simply clicking on it (and then back to «NewDoc»). Inserted text typically takes on the style characteristics of the receiving document

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NewDoc / Insert Override

«NewDoc/Insert» override

   If you always want (or never want) a particular behavior for a DropDown list, you can set an override such that a selection will always be NewDoc or always Insert, regardless of the toggle. To set the override, click the «Other Settings and Actions» item at the foot of the list. Then select the desired override in the resulting screen.


<Alt-G> recall

   If you happen to know the name of the document that resides in one of your DropDown Lists, you can type the name and press <Alt-G> and Pathagoras will find and insert it. This quite literally makes hundreds of terms (or however many you have in your combined DropDown Lists) instantly available. (If you cannot remember the names, you can print out lists and keep the full or edited down lists at your side.

   (BETA) You can direct Pathagoras to search for the document's assigned subject instead of its name. But you must set a toggle found in the 'expanded' DropDown List options screen (click the blue right pointing arrow at the top right of the screen.). Check the box that says 'Search by Subject.'

    Sorting Characters and <Alt-G>

    Many firms use sorting characters in front of the substantive document name so that the documents can be listed in a desired alphanumeric order. Sometimes the sorters are a simple digit or two: "01 Preamble"; "02 Family". Sometimes there are 'Dewey Decimal' style: "002.045A.001 Preamble"; "002.045A.002 Family".

   Regardless of the nature or length, Pathagoras allows you to exclude the first X characters from a clause search, enabling you to type just the substantive text and <Alt-G> to recall the term from the DropDown. The 'X' characters to exclude setting is found at "Pathagoras Features | DropDown Lists | DDL Menu | Settings and Options". So in the example names above, you could just type 'Preamble'<Alt-G> or 'Family'<Alt-G> and the desired clause will be inserted where desired.


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When set, you can type 'Preamble'<Alt-G> even tho' full name
of Document may be "001.990.10 Preamble"


Since you can have up to 10 Lists presented simultaneously, it can be quite easy to assemble complex documents from a wide variety of sources. Drop down a list, select an item. Drop down the same list or another list, select an item, and so on. You can mix images and charts with regular text.

A DropDown List ("DDL") is a document assembly tool. It presumes that you are building or adding to a new document. Only a copy (and never the original) of the selected item is inserted into the active document.  But all formatting from the original is maintained.

Pathagoras doesn’t care whether a DropDown List contains links to complete documents, to individual clauses, to pictures, spreadsheets, PDF files, or whatever. If Word has the capacity to insert a particular type of file, it can be fed into a DropDown list.

A third toggle exists in the <<Insert/NewDoc>> rotation. The command is "Insert Name". When selected, the name of the document, enclosed within << and >> markers, will be inserted. In addition to making it easy to copy the name of a document into your current document (instead of having to copy it from other source) it allows you to create Clause Sets of multiple documents. Clause Sets are discussed at this link. The third toggle is 'off' by default. It can be switched on in Pathagoras Features | All Settings | DropDown Lists.

tip Sometimes you want to make a document available to your end users, but don't want those documents displayed in the list. You can place those clauses in a subfolder called "Hidden" beneath any folder associated with a DropDown List. When Pathagoras searches for a clause in a DropDown List, it will automatically look in the parent folder, and if not there found, in a sub-folder called 'Hidden".  (This feature might be used when you have placed one or more <<document calls>> into a source document. Pathagoras can still find the called text, but it is not listed in the primary DropDown.