'Definitions' Tool

Note: This section discusses the 'Definitions Tool' that Pathagoras makes available. We want to distinguish from the section of this Manual that defines the term contained in this Manual. Those definitions can be viewed at this link.

   Users writing contracts, technical  or other highly specialized documents often require sections that provide definitions of terms.

   There are several approaches that Pathagoras offers:


   Your definitions can be resident in the document. It would contain all possible definitions:

   Each defined clause would be a separate paragraph(s) in the document.

   Benefits: primarily formatting. Since the definitions are already built into the document you are creating, there would be no formatting changes.

   You can also maintain definitions in a folder or glossary outside of the document you are assembling, and insert them either automatically or manually. The automatic insertion is invoked when, upon final assembly, a pre-positioned bookmark that bears an identical name to a term used and specially formatted in the document. E.g, "Owner" vs. "Owner". You can manually insert definitions at desired locations by using DropDown Lists. See below for additional explanation.


   In document: If your definitions are resident in the document, the target is the same. Definitions that are not called for are removed; those that are called for in the document remain.

   Separate document

   In Table: You can tell Pathagoras to transfer terms that require definitions into a two column table. The right side of the table contains the terms name; the left side contains the definitions

  "Prose:" The result of the process is a document that resembles the

The Process

   In your source document, mark each clauses that require defining. Set them out in the document in between & (ampersand) markers.

   When you are ready to process the document for its definitions, press Alt-P (for process). Pathagoras will check for Options and Optional text blocks(if there are any) and then process the Definitions blocks. It will look for any &Terms& in the document and compare them to Definitions existing in the document (as determined by bookmarks.)


DropDown List:

   Definitions can be stored in a folder of individual documents, each document bearing the name of the term you want defined. The content of the document would be the definition. Definitions can also be contained within a glossary The Definitions source can be transferred into one of your DropDown Lists. Once there, you can click a specific definition into a document.

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