To delete an entire Library, or remove a single Book from one of its shelves.

1.Activate the Document Assembly Settings screen.

2.Display the Library you wish to delete (or from which you wish to clear or reassign a Book).

3.To delete the entire Library, click the Delete button in the lower left side of the Setting screen. A series of confirmation screens will appear to ensure that you do not accidentally delete a Library.

4.To remove a single Book from a shelf, click on the option circle adjacent to the Book's name. A <Clear> button will appear. Click it to remove the Book from the Library. Press the <Save> button to confirm the action.)

  redarrow A Library, and the Books shelved within it, are merely pointers. They are not the actual folders or the files in the folders or the glossaries themselves. Deleting a library or a book does not affect any substantive files.