To delete an entire library, or remove a single book from one of its shelves.

1.Activate the Document Assembly Settings screen.

2.Display the library you wish to delete (or from which you wish to clear or reassign a book).

3.To delete the entire library, click the Delete button in the lower left side of the Setting screen. A series of confirmation screens will appear to ensure that you do not accidentally delete a library.

4.To remove a single book from a shelf, click on the option circle adjacent to the book's name. A <Clear> button will appear. Click it to remove the book from the library. Press the <Save> button to confirm the action.)

  redarrow A library, and the books shelved within the library, are pointers to the folders or glossaries that the books represent. They are not the actual folders or the files in the folders or the glossaries themselves. Deleting a library or a book does not affect any substantive files.

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