A SmartPath is a standard Word/Windows folder that has been ‘mapped’ (assigned) to a number and nickname. Pathagoras uses the number to directly and instantly access the folder.

redarrowThe module is called PathSmart, but each line on the screen (i.e., each pointer or mapping) is called a SmartPath      

   A PathSmart profile is a collection of up to 12 SmartPaths. Profiles are generally associated with a user or with an office function.  Pathagoras allows an unlimited number of profiles and therefore the user can map an unlimited number of paths.

A profile is typically given the name of a user or the name of an office section. Think of profiles as being highly personalized collections of the folders that the user would frequently access for non-document assembly purposes. Retrieving existing documents is the most common activity.

The name of the current profile displays on the PathSmart screen at the right in the drop down list so named. Change the profile by clicking the list and selecting another.

Add a new profile via the Settings button.

   A ‘SuperSmartPath’ is a regular SmartPath with one additional, but very powerful, feature. A SuperSmartPath allows you instant access not only to the files in the folder to where it points, but to all sub-folders beneath it.


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