Preliminary Note: Unless this feature is already activated, you should see a small green button in the upper left side of the Clause Selection Screen. Click it if you wish to activate the features discussed below. If you choose not to activate the Double Click controls, the action of a 'double click' of the mouse on a selected entry in the left panel is to transfer it to the right panel.

Using the Double Click tools is entirely optional. It is intended for more advanced users.

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    If activated, the buttons along the top left edge of the screen control what will happen when you double click on an entry in the left panel. There are two separate control sets.

The Clause Selection Screen w/ Double Click Menu activated.

The Clause Selection Screen w/ Double Click Menu activated.

1.Left Side options:

'Transfer' (default): Transfer an entry from the left panel to the right. (Identical to pressing the Add> button.)

'Preview': Display the first 1000 characters in the document or glossary term. (This display is not formatted. Designed to show just text.)

'Insert': Place the selected term at insertion point of active document. (You can easily build a document via the Clause Selection Screen using this selection.)  

'Assemble':  Place the next selected item into new document. The selection automatically reverts to 'Insert' afterwards.

2. Right Side options:

As the terms suggest, the 'After Double Click' options determine the status of the Clause Selection Screen after you make the double-click selection.

You would probably choose 'Close this screen' if you are selecting a single clause, or a clause-set.

Choose 'Leave open' if you intend to make several selections.

The 'x' in between the two sections dismisses the double click screen. The '?' will provide additional guidance.