DropDown Control Panel

   The DropDown List Panel houses the various DropDown Lists along with the control buttons that allow you to personalize the various Lists to your specific needs.

  informationNote: Before the first list is created, there is only a single button labeled "DropDown Lists". Only after you have created your first list does the panel expand to display the remaining elements.

    At the left side of the DropDown List panel are 6 toggle buttons that control how the DropDown Lists (or items you call from a DropDown List) will behave.

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«NewDoc/Insert/Insert Name» Toggle

   At the upper left of the DropDown List panel, you should see a button showing either «NewDoc» or «Insert» or «Insert Name». The button's title indicates the expected action. The button is a toggle. Click it once to select the 'other' choice(s).

«New Doc»: a new document will be created, and the selected clause inserted as the first element in the new document; or

«Insert»: the next selection you make from any list will be inserted into the current document at the current cursor location or

«Insert Name»: the next selection you make from any list will transfer the actual name of the selected document into the current screen at the current cursor location. You will be given the option to insert the document's short name or its full name (with the full address to its folder location). Note:This toggle is optional, and turned off by default. Activate it via Pathagoras Features | Utilities/Settings | All Settings | DropDown Lists

«Process/Suppress» Toggle:

As you point-and-click in text, Pathagoras default action will be to 'process' any <<*Optional*…>>, <<*Options*…>> and <<*Repeat*>> blocks and to call in any Clause Sets that reside in the inserted text. Automatic processing, however, may on occasion prove inconvenient, especially if you are testing certain actions and do not want the options text 'touched,' or if you want to call in several terms and you want to delay processing until all are present.

Click the Process/Suppress toggle as needed to control whether processing occurs automatically.

   The button's title ("Suppress" in the above example) indicates the expected action.

«Process»: Any 'optional' or 'repeat' text, and any other text brought in from the source document within <<double angle brackets>> will be processed.

«Suppress»: Any 'optional' or 'repeat' text, and any other text brought in from the source document within <<double angle brackets>> will be processed, but rather will remain in the assembled document intact and untouched.

   The button is a toggle. Click it once to select the 'other' choice.

  See Also: Suppress Processing

Refresh: This button should be needed only in the rare situation where you have created a new DropDown List, but Pathagoras has failed to display it. (If you know that a List is not up to date, click the «Refresh» button near the bottom of the List.)

Preview: The classic action when you click on an element in a DropDown List is that it will insert a copy of the selected text at the desired location (into a new document or into an existing document, depending upon the status of the NewDoc/Insert toggle discussed above). But sometimes you want to be able to preview the document before committing to it. When 'On' (indicated by a magnifying glass), Pathagoras will display the content of the document you select next in a preview window, along with any comments and usage tips associated with the document. Additional action buttons allow you to insert the text (if it is what you wanted) or to move on to preview another clause. (As noted, the Preview action will show any text that has been placed in the Comments section of the document's Properties section. You should consider adding Comments to your documents to help the end user understand the usage rules for the clause. The raw text is nice to see before committing to a selection, but well worded Comments could be more valuable to the end-user. Click here to read more on Document Comments.)

Clipboard: When 'On' (indicated by a clipboard), Pathagoras will send the text of the next item you select from a DropDown List into your system's clipboard. (It's the same action as highlighting text and pressing 'Copy'.) From there you can paste it into the current document, any other document, or any other program (just like any text in your clipboard can be used).

Open File:  When 'On' (indicated by the open file icon), Pathagoras will open the original of the next item you select from a DropDown List. (The 'preferred' document assembly action is to display a copy of the text, never the original. But when only the original will do, such as when you want to edit the original text, the Open File toggle can be a real time saver. Just remember that you have the original document open.) (System administrators can 'hide' this Open File toggle. If you do not see it, but want it, ask your system administrator for access.)


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