Many users already have documents containing curly braces surrounding blocks of text. More likely than not these preexisting braces to do not represent optional text. (Perhaps they have been used to mark out instructional or informational material in legacy documents.) If Pathagoras 'processed' {text} without warning, it would generate quite a bit of user confusion. {Simple Optional} ships in the 'enabled' state', but you can (1) disable the function or (2) you can change the character set that identifies a 'Simple Options' block to something else.

   1. To enable/disable the module, call up the Utilities/Settings screen. Click the <<*Options/Optional* Text Blocks>> tab under 'Settings at a Glance' section. Next to the 'Simplified Options' label, change the characters or uncheck the "Enabled" box .

   2. To change the boundary characters to another character set, type one or two 'mirroring' character sets in the appropriate text box. '{{' and '}}' will work, as will '<*' and '*>'. (When you type an opening boundary set, Pathagoras will automatically mirror the closing set for you.)


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   Of course, if you have a existing text already marked with {curly braces}, you might consider changing the boundaries of that text. Plain (parentheses) typically can serve the same 'highlighting' function, and they won't interfere with Pathagoras' operations.



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