Document Assembly Environments

"It would be 'really cool' if, when I switch Libraries (e.g., from Domestic Relations to Estate Planning), that not only do I get a new set of books from which I can build documents from, but a new set of DropDown Lists to use to augment those documents, and to take care of ancillary business." -- a satisfied customer with a great new idea

Document Assembly Environments:

  DropDown Lists and Libraries normally work independently of each other. However, if you give a Collection a name that is identical to that of an existing Library, the two can change in tandem with one another.

   The result is a true Document Assembly 'environment,' allowing you instant access to all books of the Library and to all documents reflected in all DropDown Lists in the Collection of the same name. With Environments, you can build complex documents via the Clause Selection screens, and then instantly insert additional text from DropDown Lists.

   These new Collections allow you to create operational 'environments'.

   To create an environment, you would follow the same steps outlined in the 'Collections' pages of this Manual.

   The 'environment' is automatically enabled when the name you assign to the Collection matches the name you have assigned to a Library.

  informationAn 'Environment' call is triggered from the Document Assembly Libraries. It is only one way -- a selection of a new Library can trigger the restoration of a Collection of the same name, but the reverse is not possible.

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