Pathgoras has a wide range of features that only our plain-text approach allows. Pathgoras has other exclusive features that the complex programming that other programs require keep these tools out of reach. Note: at the writing of this list, we believed the claims to be true. It is possible that other products have come on the market (or existing products have added the feature -- since we so plainly spelled out what we have that they don't.

Document Assembly -- we are talking assembly by clause. The 'true document assembly. Select from a menu of clauses to assemble the initial draft.  (We also perform 'template based automation where every possible clause resides in an large document. Answer questions and the extraneous text is peeled away. And we allow a wonderful blend of the two concepts. Others don't)

Document Disassembly --want to pull a piece of text from a document and add it as a stand alone clause. We make it easy. Two step easy. Think letterhead, signature blocks and notary jurats, for sure. But think substantive clauses as well. See document assembly above.

DropDown Lists -- easily assign the documents in a favorite folder to one of up to 10 (actually 40 if you use collections) Lists. Click into you editing screen any document reflected in any of those lists. Fully formatted.

Plain Text MailMerge

MailMerge II

Quick Links: type a word to the screen, press <Alt-G> and the folder that you have associated with that word opens up.

Text expander with documents: other text expanders (including Microsoft's QuickParts rely on encoding your text. Have you ever tried to write over an existing QuickPart? With Pathgoras your text being expanded are plain, simple, regular ol' documents. Easy to find. Easy to edit.

On the face of your document, in plain view, coding. Easy to see, easy to understand, easy to teach, easy to edit. Ok. Easy.

Names and Subjects Editor. Need to change the names of your documents en masse. We have the tool.

Customer service extraordinairre. Ok, others have good customer service. But can they make a bug fix overnight? Add a cool new feature that we like in 2 days? We do.


The simplest variables possible: [Client Name] is a variable (no fields, no remote tables, no ancillary documents)


Complete PDF forms using the same plain text variable designations as in Word.


Store, and recall, your long lists (lists of attorneys, list of bar numbers, list of judges, etc.) in simple Excel spreadsheets It’s so logical, why haven’t thoe other thought of it?


Simple groupname designators so that multiple choice elements (whether something as simple as [he/she/they] and [him/her/them] or as complex as multi-paragraph options.) complete when first item selected.


Fill-in-the-blank. If you multiple choices aren't enough, add 'fill-in' as a value. And guess what . . . you can just add your fill-in value on the fly.