Sometimes you want to provide a value for a document without having to use the Instant Database The Instant Database allows you to provide values for [varaibles] enclosed within plain text square brackets, and save the variables-to-values pairings in a database that can be repetitively reused.. Pathagoras offers that with the 'fill-in' option. The robust version of this feature is discussed at this link. But the 'simple' option (which may actually be your preference due to its, well, simplicity) is discussed below

   When you provide a 'stop' phrase as the value in your simple {optional block}, when that item is encountered, Pathagoras will pause and present a text box for you to fill in a value. Then press Okay and Pathagoras will inserts the value at the point of the {simple optional} block (erasing all other options and administrative text in that block).


My favorite fruit is {fill-in}.




!Groups! GroupNames work fine with the 'Fill-in the blank' feature. Each 'fill-in' of the same group will be completed in the identical fashion.

The 'fill-in' values you provide are inserted in place of the {fill-in} call in the current document. The value is not otherwise preserved. This feature, therefore, is not a substitute for Instant Database. But when you don't intend to save values, and don't want to activate the Instant Database routine, you may find this is a perfect alternative to completing variable type text.

This fill-in tool is optimized for Pathagoras robust <<*Options*. . . >> as well. Click here for more.

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