A 'folder' as used here is a Microsoft, not Pathagoras, term. It is a standard Windows folder. Each document in a folder represents a text that might be used for document assembly purposes. It might be a clause that serves as a 'building block' toward a larger document, or it may be a fully self-contained document. Regardless, the documents in a folder used as a Pathagoras 'Book' are plain Word documents, nothing more.

   We cannot overemphasize the point that the kind of documents used by Pathagoras for document assembly purposes are plain, ordinary Word files, the kind you already use, so we repeat it. Too often a customer will refrain from using existing documents because they have not been 'Pathagorized.' Forget that. A document is a document and it is usable by Pathagoras in its current shape.

   Any existing folder now existing on your computer or somewhere on your network qualifies as a Book. Just like a document is usable in its 'raw' state, a folder need not be one created for, or in contemplation of Pathagoras. If it is now on your system, Pathagoras can use it.

   The folder that you assign to a Pathagoras 'Book' can contain whole documents (i.e., ones with headings, bodies and signatures).

  The folder can also contain various clauses needed to create (assemble) a whole document. We'll call these 'building blocks'. A clause can be anything – words, sentences, paragraphs, pages, pictures, charts, etc. Clauses can represent sequential sections of a document. Clauses can also be alternative versions of the same topic, allowing the user to create practically infinite variety in document creation.

    And, of course, the folder can contain a mixture of whole documents and building block clauses. Pathagoras is very, very flexible.

   To use the files in a 'Book' for document assembly purposes, you must accomplish one or both of these simple tasks:

map it to an empty 'bookshelf.' See Adding a New Book

assign it to a Pathagoras DropDown List. See DropDown Lists

  Shortcuts: If you need clauses from other locations outside of the folder, you can create shortcuts to those files and paste the shortcuts into the folder that the book represents. No matter the location of the target file, you can quickly access it via this shortcut.

   Tree Service: If you need clauses from other locations outside of the folder, but in the same tree, you can enable the Tree Service. The screen will repaint, and display the current folder as the 'top' of the tree, and all child folders beneath it. Click link to read more about Tree Service.

See also Glossary vs. Folder