The previous sections contemplate that you have 'shelved books' into your Libraries, and that all folders that you need to effectively use your document assembly system are mapped to an appropriate Book.

   Shelving books into one or more Libraries is always the preferred method in setting up your system. You can have an unlimited number of Books by simply creating more Libraries. No 'space' is consumed by having more Books.

   Nevertheless, there may be a need to access a folder that has not been mapped. Pathagoras provides a 'freestyle' way to display the contents of any folder on your system (local or network) onto a Clause Selection Screen. The process is similar to the 'normal' clause selection process:

   1. Click the Document Assembly icon from the Pathagoras toolbar. The Libraries & Books screen will appear (image below).


Click to enlarge.

2.  If the folder has never been mapped to a book, click the Freestyle option button. Click the Next button from the expanded screen. Following the prompts, navigate to the desired folder and select on document from that folder. IT DOES NOT MATTER WHICH DOCUMENT YOU SELECT. The exercise is to get inside the folder (so you know you are in the correct one.) Selecting a document merely locks in your folder selection and makes the OK button 'hot' so that you can proceed.

   Once you click the OK button following your navigation to the desired folder, Pathagoras will display onto a Clause Selection Screen (left panel) all documents in that folder. Select one, several, or all of them and move them to the right panel. Click Next and the selected documents are assembled.

(Of course, if the folder you want is in the 1 thru 10 list, select it. If the folder is mapped to a Book in another Library, drop down the Library list and select the appropriate one and proceed.)


  informationNote: The Freestyle option does not appear when 'End User' settings have been selected. See End User Settings.