Sometimes you created (or inherited) a Glossary that you wish to return to a folder of terms. (This most often happens when you want to share your terms with an acquaintance who does not have Pathagoras, or who would be more comfortable using a folder of terms instead of a glossary.)

   Pathagoras provides a simple way to convert all or a portion of a glossary into a standard folder of files:

1.Choose the "Conversion Tools" tab from the 'Clause Creation Tools' screen (Pathagoras Features|Authoring Editing|Clause Creation|Conversion Tools).

2.Click the "Glossary to Folder" option.

3.A standard looking "Libraries & Books" screen will appear, but non-glossary items will be 'grayed-out.'

4.Choose the glossary that you wish to convert.

5.A standard looking "Clause Selection" screen will appear listing all of the terms in the glossary. (The screen is slightly different in that the <Next> button is hidden, replaced by a <Glossary to Documents> button.)

6.Select the terms from the glossary that you wish to convert into individual documents and move them to the right panel.

7.When you have completed your selection, click <Glossary to Documents>.

8.You will be asked to approve the name of the folder into which the new documents will be saved.

9.Everything will proceed automatically after that. (You will see a bit of screen flashing as the new documents are created.)

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