Pathagoras creates 4 'hot-key' assignments to your system upon installation:

<Alt-G>: the most prolific hot-key. Stands for 'G'et, as in 'g'et a file, or 'g'et a folder.

<Alt-D>: for Instant 'D'atabase.

<Alt-Q>: to display QuickPicks screen.

<Alt-V>: for Create Variables Assistant.

<Alt-S>: for Create Variables Assistant.

  Click the button_next_h button in the menu bar for information on how to set hot-keys.

   In addition to hot-keys, Pathagoras provides a series of HotWords which, when typed to the editing screen and followed immediately by the keypress of <Alt-G> will cause certain specific actions to occur:

meeting<Alt-G> Initiate a GoToMeeting session.

last<Alt-G>: Display last document called or edited via Pathagoras.

lastfolder<Alt-G>: Display folder of last document called or edited via Pathagoras.

sf<Alt-G>: Display your SuperFolder

prefixtable<Alt-G>: Display your collection of prefixes and their assigned folders.

repeat<Alt-G>: Recall one more clause of paragraph called via the <<*Repeat*. . .>> function.

The full list of Hotwords can be seen by typing 'altg' and following the text with the <Alt-G> keypress.

Note: <Alt-S> against highlighted text that pairs-up with a QuickLink name will call the SaveAs screen opened to the QuickLink target.

   Learn more about Pathagoras' links to external data sources by clicking here.


If you don't remember the various hotkeys, they are always visible in the Pathagoras tab. Just click the HotKeys button at the far right of the Pathagoras toolbar. (You can then use the hotkey combination shown or just click with your mouse the desired selection.)

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