How do I Format Dates with Thee?

Via the Instant Database screen (cycle)

With the Instant Database screen visible (Alt-D) and a record with a date variable displayed, double click in the right column (with the actual date showing). With each double click the formatting of the date will cycle to a new view. Stop on the one you want.


With Date arguments

You can tell Pathagoras how you want a particular date to display in the document by placing an argument within any date variable. You can even display the same date in different formats using a single variable (but with different arguments). An argument is simply a modifier at the end of the date variable. For example, the date variable in the text below is '[Contract Date]'. It will appear only once in the IDB screen. The 'arguments' modify, but do not substantively change, the variable.

                                                         [Contract Date]


 On this, the [Contract Date(ext)], came the parties and agreed as follows:

         a.  Joe will buy stuff from Marney.

         b.  Marney will sell stuff to Joe.

 Witness their signatures:        

         ________________ [Contract Date(num)]

                 Joe          Date


         ________________        [Contract Date(num)]

               Marney        Date


When the document is scanned, only a single variable will appear in the IDB screen. When replacements are made, Pathagoras will 'see' the various arguments attached to the variable and format the date appropriately. (You can copy and paste the example into a Word document to test it.)

The various arguments for date variables are listed here.