By default, the characters that mark the begin and end points of a variable are the open and close 'square brackets', i.e. '[' and ']'

   To change the variable boundaries, navigate to the Instant Database settings screen (Pathagoras Settings (top half) | All Settings |Instant Database) and insert your personal character(s) in the 'Variable Boundary' boxes. (Two characters max. Must be 'complementary' in order.


Set boundary markers for your variables

Set boundary markers for your variables

Forbidden boundary markers:

There are certain characters and character sets that are reserved for other Pathagoras functions that, if used as boundary markers for your variables will result in confusion. Therefore, you cannot use the following characters as variable boundary markers:

'Regular' numbers or letters (i.e, only 'special characters' can be boundary markers).

Punctuation characters (e.g., periods, commas, exclamation or question marks, dashes or hyphens, colons or semi-colons)

Bounding characters used by other Pathagoras routines: <<, >>, <,  >, {, }, {{, }}