Sharing Data: External programs

   Pathagoras saves Data Records as individual "CSV" files. CSV stands for "comma separate values," and is a common format for sharing information among unrelated programs. (More accurately, Pathagoras uses a 'quote-comma' scheme to separate fields. Individual fields are enclosed in double-quotes and separated by commas. This information is typically automatically detected by most programs.)

   Pathagoras can read CSV files that may be created by other programs following the quote-comma field separation scheme, and other programs can read the CSV files that Pathagoras creates.

   The folder into which Pathagoras saves IDB records can be found in the File Locations tab of the Instant Database Tools screen. Access is via the Pathagoras dropdown menu in the tool bar.  Point your external database to this folder to accomplish the data share.


information On all versions prior to 12.1 build 20, you have to affirmatively select the 'Save Using CSV' option. Here are the steps:

1.From the Pathagoras Features Menu, select Instant Database|Instant Database Tools

2.On the 'front' tab, scroll down to the "Data Saving Format" section. Select CSV. ('Both' is optional, but not recommended.)

Pathagoras has the ability to link to external data source (Access, Excel, Act, Alpha5 and a myriad of other databases. It is not a supported feature of Pathagoras, but detailed information on how to implement such 'external database' linking can be found here, and at the links pointed to on that page.