To complete a variable, type the value with which you want the variable to be replaced in the right column. If the variable is multiple choice, select the entry from the drop down list presented.

   You should type your replacement values in upper and lower (or otherwise 'normal') text. The emphasis, case, color and other attributes of the text in the source document control how the text ultimately will be formatted when replaced. See "Case and Emphasis" for more information.

  Non-Text 'variables':

  There is no requirement that your answer must be 'text.' Of course, that will be the case for the vast majority of situations, but you should know of other things that Pathagoras can do. Your answer can include a wide variety of references, shorthand marks, etc: Here are a few, with links to a fuller discussion:

<<FileName>>:        Insert an entire document in place of the variable, not just a few characters of text.

<<FolderName>>:        Select a file to insert from a designated folder.

<S>pell out number:        You type the number, Pathagoras 'spells it out'.

<$>Currency:        Convert number into spelled out currency.

Equivalency:        Make one variable in the IDB screen equivalent to another.

Dates:                Select, or calculate, date from a calendar.

Math Functions:        Do simple math using the values of other variables.

<P>aragraph:        Insert a paragraph marker into your answer with this simple text addition

<URL:. . .>                Insert a call to a website or any other location.

<Mailto: >                Insert a Mail To command within a document

lightbulbsmallWhen you finish completing all your variables, there are 3 buttons you will consider clicking.

The "Add New" button will create a new record based on the current on-screen data.

The "Save" button will update the record showing in the Existing Records text box (assuming that you called up an existing, or an earlier added) record. Pressing "Save" when there is no record showing in the Existing Records text box is the equivalent of "Add New."

The "Next" button. This is most often your best choice. When pressed, Next will ask if you want to create a new record or, if appropriate, update the existing record if changes were made. It will then immediately proceed to replacing the variables with the assigned values throughout the document. We recommend that you always click Next unless you do not want the variables replaced.