Calendar and Date Math Features

Instant Database: Calendar and Date Math features

   If Pathagoras detects a variable which includes the word “date” in any form, Pathagoras will display a small green button that will appear between the two columns on the same row as the variable being processed.

   When clicked (optional), Pathagoras will present a calendar from which you can

(1) pick a date and

(2) perform date math (add a certain number of days, weeks, months or years to a starting date).

   Examples of "date" words that will trigger the display of the calendar button:  'Date', 'Birthdate', 'Date of Sale', 'Intimidate' (sorry).

  Screen Shots:

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Whenever a variable contains the word 'date'* (in any form), a small green button
between the columns will display. Click it to reveal the calendar.
Select a date. (Insert the selected date into the Instant Database screen
by 'double clicking' or pressing the okay button.)
To perform date math, click the Calculator to the right of the calendar overlay.


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Perform date math by adding or subtracting days, weeks, months or years.
The option 'Expiry date' is one period minus one day to reflect (as do most leases) the last day of the term.

The check-box 'End date must be workday' insures that discovery and other important dates don't fall on weekend.


If you have created a mask, you can perform simple date-addition directly on face of the Instant Database screen. See the next section for the steps to set up the formula.

The format for the return value of the date (e.g., "01/01/27", "January 1, 2027" etc.) can be set via the Instant Database Settings Screen. See this link.

Even though only one date may display on the IDB screen, you can nevertheless insert dates inside your document in multiple formats from that single entry. See this page for more info.

Beginning with v. 2022, you can assign a local 'date word' (in lieu of 'date' that will trigger the calendar. Assign this 'date' word (and a 'today' word if desired) via the Local Settings screen accessible from the All Settings | Instant Database tab (or via Power Tool | More Tools).