Pathagoras let's you present the same date in both the 'regular' (e.g., "August 23, 2019"), 'extended' (e.g.,"23rd day of August, 2019") and shortened (e.g., '8/23/19') formats in different locations in the document, based on a single presentation of that date. It is done simply by appending certain 'arguments' to the base date variable.

So, in one document location, create the 'base' date variable. E.g., [Date of Contract]

In a second location, create the identical variable, but add the text "(ext)" (or other appropriate argument) immediately after the end of the variable name and before the closing bracket. E.g., [Date of Contract(ext)]

When you scan the document with Instant Database, only the base variable will appear on the IDB screen. Provide a date in the adjacent text block on the IDB screen.

When you press the Next button, the variables [Date of Contract] and[Date of Contract(ext)]will be replaced with the appropriately formatted dates.

   Base date completed with the date August 23, 2020:

[Date of Contract]                    =  August 23, 2020)

  Acceptable arguments (shown in bold, but emphasis not required):

o[Date of Contract(ext)]     =  23rd day of August, 2020

o[Date of Contract(num)]     =  8/23/20

o[Date of Contract(num4)]   =  8/23/2020

o[Date of Contract(day)]     =  23

o[Date of Contract(month)] =  August

o[Date of Contract(mon)]     =  Aug

o[Date of Contract(year)]   =  2020

o[Date of Contract(yr)]       =  20

o[Date of Contract(long)]   = August 23, 2020 (use when variable entered as '8/23/20')

o[Date of Contract(daylong)]   = Sunday, August 23, 2020

o[Date of Contract(euro)]   = 23 August, 2020 (written for users with 'USA' default date style who occasionally need European date presentation)



There should be no space after the last word of the 'real' variable and the 'argument.'

It does not matter the formatting of the 'real' variable. Pathagoras will make all conversions. (So, the value of [Date of Contract] in the above example could have been '8/23/20'.

The word 'Date' somewhere in the variable is mandatory. It can, however appear in upper, lower or mixed case ('DATE','date','Date', 'dAtE').