Instant Database Files Location

   Your Instant Database records are initially stored in the folder 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Pathagoras\IDBs'. You can easily re-point that location to a 'better' one. You would typically do so if you want to share records you create with other users (and conversely to allow you to use records created by others).

lightbulbsmall If you have a single Pathagoras license, you will not likely be changing the location of your Instant Database records.
But if you have purchased the Network version of the program,
or otherwise want to make your records more accessible (perhaps cloud based),
you can easily tell Pathagoras to keep your records in a different (common) folder.

   To 're-point' the location where your IDB records are stored, follow one of the following three alternatives.

a)From the Instant Database screen:

i.Right-click on the text box that shows the current location of the files.

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ii.Right-click in text box showing the current IDB path.A menu will appear.

iii.Select the item that says "Repoint"



b)From the Instant Database screen:

i.Click the red <Power Tools> button.

ii.Click the <More Tools> button on the resulting screen.


Click Power Tools | More Tools


c)Via Pathagoras Features:

Click the Instant Database Tools |Instant Database Settings and Options .

Click to enlarge.

  'B)' and 'C)' above lead to this screen:

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IDB Tools (File Locations tab exposed).

Click the button with the ellipse (3 dots) and follow the prompts
to select a new location to store your IDB records.



NOTES: It does not matter where you locate your Data records, or what you call the folder in which they are saved. We do, however, recommend using 'IDBs' as part of the path name.It just adds one more check that another user has selected the right folder.

   There is no requirement that all users use the same database. Some offices want to share everything and therefore all users must point to the same location. But some large offices only want records within a particular practice group to be shared. Not a problem. Those in practice group 'A' would point to a common location, other those in practice group 'B' (C, D, etc) would point to a different, distinct locations. Some offices share nothing, and run all instances of Pathagoras as totally independent operations.That's fine as well.